Looking to reduce by half the number of reindeer roadkill by 2020

Coordinated by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Lapland, Porokello is a new service for road users to reduce reindeer accidents in traffic.

Finland's designated reindeer herding area covers 36% of the country's total and sees as many as 4 000 accidents on the roads and railways per year. A variety of actions have been taken to reduce the amount of accidents, but none have proved effective.

Mobile technology and other intelligent devices bring forth new possibilities to help reduce the number of accidents. The warning systems rely on GPS location and mobile technology, enabling accurate warnings for road users.

More information about the Porokello project:
Project Manager
Henna Nurminen
+358 40 835 4114

How Porokello works

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The idea is that the primary users of Northern roads – the professional drivers – are harnessed to serve all road users. By providing professionals with the Porokello device, they're able to notify other drivers of reindeer on or near the roads.

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Drivers then receive warnings through the Porokello mobile app or a navigator.

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