The story behind

Aiming to halve the reindeer accidents in Finland

Our story begins in 2011, as Ahti Lahtela, lappish software designer happened to spot the annual amount of reindeer crashes, which was 4000. Ahti started to design a software that could help warn drivers and help people to avoid getting into an accident with a reindeer. Ahti found some people for collaboration and slowly the project got more participants, people and organizations willing to help and support.

Porokello alerts were first launched in GPS devices, with V-Traffic, in 2012.

In 2016 the first special Porokello pro phones were given to 1000 volunteer professional drivers (in truck, taxi, bus and emergency service), so that they could start both making and receiving the reindeer alerts.

2017 the free app for anyone to receive the alerts was launched.

2018 Henna Nurminen started as project manager. See the whole team below.



We are a bunch of professionals in many fields like management, traffic safety, reindeer herding, infrastructure and insurance. We work hard together, everyone sharing a piece of know-how, creating strong competence.


Henna Nurminen

Project manager

Henna takes care of management, coordination and co-operation of the whole project.


Eliisa Lintula

Customer service

Eliisa takes care of the social media and public relations.


Ahti Lahtela

The father of Porokello - inventor of the idea, app developer and innovator


Maiju Hyry

Chairman of Porokello steering group 2019


Merja Lämsä

Vice-chairman of Porokello streering group

OP henkilökuva_Kristian Hiljander.jpg

Kristian Hiljander

Member of Porokello steering group


Ari Rantamaa

Member of Porokello steering group


Matti Särkelä

Member of Porokello steering group


Matti Seimola

Member of Porokello steering group

V-Traffic, Head of Sales and Marketing Nordics


Jaakko Ylinampa

Chairman of Porokello steering group 2016-2018