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Reindeer alerts on the map


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Reindeer alert (0.5h) Reindeer accident (3 weeks)

Reindeer alerts

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    Receive real-time alerts of reindeer on the road
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    View active reindeer alerts on the map
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    Learn what to do in case of roadkill

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Porokello reindeer alert service

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The idea is that the primary users of Northern roads – the professional drivers – are harnessed to serve all road users. By providing professionals with the Porokello device, they're able to notify other drivers of reindeer on or near the roads.

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Drivers then receive warnings through the Porokello mobile app or a navigator.

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Reindeer alerts on the map 

Active alerts

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In case of roadkill 

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Sharing information about Porokello promotes safety on Arctic roads.